Why is Video Content Important for Social Media?

Social media has transformed how we share and consume news, information and opinions. Moving image content has gained importance as access to screens on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – has ballooned.  As video usage has evolved it has become an absolute essential for social media communication and marketing.

At KYEO STUDIO we have extensive experience in creating video content for use on social media channels and websites.

Video content is critical to any digital communications and marketing campaign. When well-presented, video can deliver outstanding results if it is well targeted and produced in a way that resonates with its audience.

Brands are now able to reach new audiences through short-form videos. And because of their popularity on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it has the potential to go viral.

A competitive advantage can be gained by using video on any digital platform. Well-presented videos can also provide an opportunity to reach out and demonstrate the unique attributes of a brand.

Every brand strives to attract the attention of its audience and make its content stand out from the rest of what they see on its social media channels. Videos can capture viewers’ attention for a more extended time.

Social media algorithms increasingly favour video being promoted to a larger audience for every minute a viewer watches.


Our Projects

From the fashion and music industry through to local communities and technology, KYEO STUDIO has delivered a wide range of creative content for numerous brands and agencies. Take a look at a selection of our completed projects below.